New Not-So-Tiny Houses at Cloudland Station

We are introducing a new concept to Cloudland Station – Not-So-Tiny Houses. These houses are small, but not tiny. They are thoughtfully designed to be the perfect size for making memories with loved ones and good friends. Cozy-sized bedrooms are designed so that more of the square footage can be allocated to common space, more specifically a single large room that we call the hearth room. This hearth room is a central theme of all our not-so-tiny houses.

The total square foot of these houses are still very minimal, making them economical, efficient, and easy to maintain. The only real sacrifice is not really a sacrifice – retiring to small, cozy sleeping spaces. What is there not to like about that? Moreover, these high quality, not-so-tiny houses are located at Cloudland Station, where you can enjoy 450 acres and a vast array of amenities only 18 minutes from downtown Chattanooga.

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